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Recent Industry News

2022 Rivian R1T and 2023 BMW XM headed to Pikes Peak

This article was originally published HERE Pikes Peak says the first battery-electric car to contest the race to the clouds was a Sears-branded mashup mutt of a car in 1981. The XDH-1 had been lashed up using a 1977 Fiat 128 hatchback chassis, all to promote Sears’ DieHard 12-volt batteries. It took driver Joe Ball

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Netflix to feature electric cars from GM and others in programming

This article was originally published HERE LOS ANGELES — Netflix has unveiled a new star for some of its upcoming programming: electric vehicles from General Motors and other automakers. The streaming service announced an agreement on Thursday to feature vehicles including the Chevrolet Bolt, the electric GMC Hummer pickup and the Cadillac Lyriq in TV

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6 steps to writing a complete vehicle repair story

This article was originally published HERE Joe McCue describes Pencilwrench as a point-and-click solution that’s integrated into an automotive technician’s desktop dashboard. The system prompts users to answer a series of questions to quickly generate a thorough report, identifying the problem and remedy. The software is customized — Pencilwrench has 26 brand-specific solutions — to

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US Auto Trust founder invests in what he loves — high-end cars

This article was originally published HERE A personal connection and an interest in cars were catalysts for an NFL team owner to enter automotive retail and quickly expand his dealership holdings via acquisitions. Ed Glazer, an owner of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, founded US Auto Trust in Los Angeles in 2018 when he bought

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Spinning parts slow lidar’s route to viability

This article was originally published HERE Despite many lidar companies going public in recent years, via the special purpose acquisition company process, the industry has taken a hit with some companies shutting down or being acquired over the past year. Lidar technology, which stands for “light detection and ranging,” uses lasers to map the environment.

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Pencilwrench enables techs to write more accurate service reports

This article was originally published HERE Every maintenance and repair job tells a story. The quality and accuracy, however, varies greatly, depending on the storyteller. That’s because service technicians are trained to fix problems, not document what they do. But the details matter — a lot. Poorly written reports can cost dealerships time, money and

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PartsEdge helps clear the shelves for what sells

This article was originally published HERE In the spring of 2021, $150,000 of Scott Robins’ $1.6 million parts inventory was considered obsolete — meaning it had been sitting in inventory for at least 13 months without being sold. “The chances of those parts selling are pretty slim when they get to that age with no

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Junkyard Gem: 2006 Mazda5 with manual transmission

This article was originally published HERE One thing I always look for during my junkyard expeditions is a manual transmission in an unexpected vehicle. Say, a Mercury Mystique or a V6 Camry with three pedals. In the early days of the minivan boom, some Dodge Caravans and Plymouth Voyagers with manual transmissions were sold (not

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What’s a big roadkill problem in California? Cougars

This article was originally published HERE LOS ANGELES — Mountain lions have been dying on California highways at the rate of at least one or two every week in recent years, a roadkill toll that may exceed healthy reproductive levels for the big cats, new wildlife mortality data showed on Thursday. Maps documenting deadly highway

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2023 Honda Pilot brings back the DOHC V6 for cleaner emissions

This article was originally published HERE With a new Honda Pilot comes a new version of Honda’s evergreen V6. This time around, the 3.5-liter motor adds dual overhead cams even as it dispenses with Honda’s signature VTEC system. There’s a slight power boost as well, but nothing drivers will likely notice. Notably, as Car and

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Mercedes-Benz eliminating 19 of 33 body styles over next seven years

This article was originally published HERE Ever since Ola Kallenius took over the CEO position at Mercedes-Benz in 2019, the Swede has been hacking at, pruning, and trimming the company’s structure and model portfolio. Car and Driver reports another massive cull is about to commence. After journalist Georg Kacher spoke to Mercedes managers at two

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Highlights from the latest ‘Daily Drive’ podcasts, Jan. 30-Feb. 2

This article was originally published HERE Here are highlights from the latest episodes of ‘Daily Drive’, Automotive News’ weekday podcast, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, hosted by Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker and Jake Neher this week. “We really have a scarcity of younger units, which in particular is tough for franchised dealers because that is the

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