2024 Ford Ranger Pickup Caught Cammo Free For The First Time

Seeing a Ford Ranger on the streets of Detroit isn’t a big deal, but this one is special. It’s the next-generation model, which debuted for global markets over a year ago. That didn’t include North America, and in the months since the debut, we’ve seen camouflaged test vehicles from time to time. Now, our spy photographers in Motown caught the new US-spec Ranger in full view, revealing everything on the outside.

It’s probably no real surprise that the Ranger destined for North America looks like the global model. Actually, it might be some surprise, considering we’ve seen camouflaged trucks around Ford’s world headquarters in recent months. The coverings suggested some styling tweaks would set these pickups apart from the rest, but that’s not the case at all. The only notable differences we see on this camo-free Ranger include a sliding rear window, a backup camera, and a high-mount brake light. The camera and brake light help affirm this is a truck for America.

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