AGAIN, The REST Of The World FOLLOWS Auto Spies Trend Predictions. This Time Showing EV Adoption Optimism FADING.

As usual, the rest of the world is finally catching up to an Auto Spies prediction.

This time they are reporting that EV adoption OPTIMISM is FADING.

In May, we wrote and wrote this… “Will The EV Craze CRASH Like CRYPTO In The Next Two Years? The MAINSTREAM Writers Who Can Actually THINK Critically Are Beginning To WONDER WHERE The Buyers Will Come From At THESE Prices?”

Some of the comments are priceless.

Here is what CNBC said today. Thanks to Lauren Fix, for the article tipoff…

Global automotive executives are less confident about the rate of adoption of electric vehicles than they were a year ago amid supply chain problems and rising economic concerns, according to a survey released Tuesday.

For the U.S., the median expectation for EV sales was 35% of the new vehicle market — down from 65% a year earlier and significantly lower than the Biden administration’s 50% goal by 2030 that was announced late last year.

The declining optimism in EV adoption comes amid stricter requirements for federal incentives for the vehicles; rising concerns about raw materials for batteries; and record vehicle prices. Such concerns are in addition to other supply chain issues and recessionary fears.

“You can be long-term optimistic, but near term, you’ve got to be very realistic,” Silberg said. “It’s not rainbows and butterflies and euphoria anymore, it’s game on.”

Looks like these ‘experts’ need to read their Auto Spies more closely…

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