An Electric McLaren Won’t Happen Until Governments Decide On What They Want An EV To Be

At the recent American launch drive of the McLaren Artura, Jamie Corstorphine, McLaren’s Director of Product Strategy, spoke to CarBuzz about the challenges McLaren anticipates as the world goes electric. The brand was one of the first to dabble in hybridization for the sake of performance with the world-beating P1 hypercar before introducing the Speedtail and now the Artura. But the big question is if electrification will be the way forward with everything now.

“Well, how long have we got? It’s a complex question,” Corstorphine said, laughing. “Absolutely, we are moving to electrify all our range, and I’ll say all new models, and I mean models, will be electrified going forward.” But electrified doesn’t mean electric, and McLaren sees benefits to how hybrid supercars perform. As far as electric cars go, there’s still government legislation standing in the way since no two countries have the same guidelines on the matter.