Are You PRO Apocalypse Camper Van Craze Or CON? Tell Us The WHY Or WHY NOT!

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There is a lot of hype surrounding vehicles like the new Ford Bronco, Lightning, Maverick, Jeep 4xe, etc.

But there is one segment we don’t talk about very often that is also big.

Two word Spies…VAN LIFE!

Yes, you see them everywhere. And more and more they are looking LESS like ‘if this van is a rockin’ style and more PINTEREST/INSTAGRAM worthy.

Check out the interior of this one we SPIED at the beach the other day. We were expecting Martha Stewart to get out of the bed with Snoop Dogg.

Some people LOVE them, and others not so much.

So tell us, are you PRO VAN CRAZE or CON? And the us why or why not!

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