Audi Recalls Almost 51,000 Vehicles For Reduced Performance If Rear Seat Gets Wet

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Audi is recalling 50,883 vehicles due to a potential power failure that can occur after a spill in the rear seat. Beneath that area of the cabin is a gateway control module that is vulnerable to water and liquid ingress. Should it get wet, your highly-tuned Audi could cut power and go into emergency mode.

The recall includes seven different Audi models, all with the same problem. If water gets into the module and power failure is triggered, owners can expect a slew of warning lights on the dash in addition to low power and emergency mode. Interestingly, Audi caught the problem after addressing a similar recall in the Q5 and SQ5 last year. Between August and September of this year, it found 38 cases potentially related to this issue in a study of warranty claims.

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