BMW preparing more price increases for 2023 lineup


BMW raised prices on its entire 2023 lineup in June of this year, the U.S. branch of the automaker saying it has “determined that it is necessary to reflect the current economic situation.” MSRPs climbed from $1,000 for the X5 sDrive40i to $4,200 for the M5 to $5,000 for the Alpina B8. If an internal memo leaked to the i4Talk forum is accurate, Munich HQ has another round of increases that will touch all but a few models. The rationale this time is the same as before, in the same words, the rationale being “the current economic and political volatility coupled with the continued supply shortage.” The sums aren’t as stout on average this time as they were in June, ranging from $500 to $2,800, but they’ll all be noticed.

The 330e rises by the most percentage-wise, its $1,600 jump equaling 3.7%. The X4 M40i is only up by 1.2%, its $750 bump being the smallest percentage increase. The BMW 760i xDrive goes up the most in amount, rising $2,800 from $113,600 to $116,400. The $2,000 extra required for the M5 puts that car up $6,200 for the year, to $109,900. The M3 Competition will cost $1,900 more, or $74,300. The smallest rises are felt by the X1 xDrive28i, which will be $500 more expensive, and the i4 eDrive35, which will be $600 more. None of these prices include destination.

A few models are left out, like the M2, X5, X6, and X7. The M2 was just launched, the X5 and X6 crossovers are due for a mid-cycle refresh that will undoubtedly see their prices increase, and the 2023 X7 was just priced in August.

The new prices don’t take effect immediately. The memo indicates most will be applied once the January allocation opens up around the 23rd of next month. The remainder — all of five cars — are claimed to apply before the March allocation on March 23.  

The mid-year increases a few months back also raised the prices of accessories; four-zone climate control going from $500 to $650, heated seats going from $350 to $500, the spare wheel jumping from $150 to $250. The memo didn’t mention accessories, but don’t be surprised if inflation nudges them as well.

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