BMW To Axe V8 Powered 5-Series Next Year For More Eco-Friendly Powerplant

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BMW may be known for its iconic inline-six engines, but one model is better with two more cylinders under the hood. Yes, ever since the automaker shoehorned a V8 into the E34, BMW’s 5 Series has always been best enjoyed with an eight-pot and a devilish growl.

The original 540i cemented a reputation that is still carried by the wonderful M550i but, sadly, it seems this tradition will soon die. According to BMW Blog, the upcoming G60 generation will reportedly drop the turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 in the M550i in favor of a more eco-friendly alternative. Rumors suggest it will be powered by an electrified powertrain with a model designation of M560e.

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