Coach Your Drivers to Safety and Success

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Coach Your Drivers to Safety and Success

Many drivers began learning the skills they use today as early as 16 years old, when they got their first driver’s license. Those skills were embedded in their daily routine and simply became a way of life.  New skills were added when they acquired their CDL, but for some drivers, that might have been 20, 30 or 40 years ago. It’s easy to develop habits that make driving easier, skip what may seem “routine” to get somewhere quicker or get through the day without even realizing that rules or procedures are not being followed.

When embarking on a coaching program, it’s important to understand where to start, which can vary depending on your role within your organization. Once you’ve decided where you will start, it’s important to understand what effective coaching is and how to measure the results of your efforts.

Questions we can help you answer about creating a successful driver coaching program

  • What is most important to my fleet?
  • Why are we coaching?
  • How are we going to coach?

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By Solera