Dealers, focus on relationship selling

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Regarding “Survey shows dealers increasingly worried about the economy,”, Jan. 29: I have observed many changes over my 40 years as a new-vehicle manager and salesman. Customer fear and skepticism is at an all-time high. The arrogant and curt attitudes of dealers to customers is something new to the retail environment.

Customers want a congenial transaction, and most know they are in a seller’s market. But the take-it-or-leave-it attitude is not conducive for repeat business. Dealers should start now to retrain salespeople in the art of relationship selling — we will soon need those skills once more.

I am semiretired, and now I help customers locate and buy their vehicles. They appreciate the personal relationship. They also appreciate my willingness to accompany them to the dealership. Let’s realize the business still relies on one-to-one, win-win transactions.

STEVE DAMM, Owner, Steve’s Appraisals and Locator, Grand Junction, Colo.