Driving Your New $100K+ Hummer EV In Water May Cause Electrical Problems

This article was originally published https://www.autospies.com/news/Driving-Your-New-100K-Hummer-EV-In-Water-May-Cause-Electrical-Problems-111125/.

General Motors is working to fix a pair of electrical issues that have affected its recent EVs, including the GMC Hummer and the Brightdrop EV600. Both are relatively minor, but both involve water collecting where it ought not to and could lead to more serious issues.

In July, GM issued a technical service bulletin on 2022 model year GMC Hummers relating to electrical gremlins around the doors, as first noticed by The Drive. These may present themselves as problems with the power windows, the door locks, and the outside mirror control. Some customers may even experience unwanted activation of the anti-theft alarm system or messages in the infotainment system that read “service latch,” for example.

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