Environmentalists Fears Were Real, Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory Is Running Out Of Water

Recent reports from Germany have suggested that Tesla is now looking to independently search for water sources for Gigafactory Berlin, its Model Y factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree). The electric vehicle maker’s efforts were reportedly met with strong criticism from local groups. 

Tesla Giga Berlin is already producing Model Y crossovers, but it is only partially completed. This means that the facility is still intended to undergo expansions over the years, similar to Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla’s EV Model 3 and Model Y plant in China. If Giga Berlin were to expand, it would likely need more water for its operations. 

Tesla’s efforts were confirmed by Marlies Görsdorf, technical director of the Fürstenwalde water supply association. “Tesla is looking for suitable and productive groundwater supplies,” Görsdorf said, as per an rbb24 report.

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