EU Customers Begin Cancelling Orders After Tesla Discontinues Right Hand Drive Models

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Customers who had been waiting years for delivery of new Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X vehicles are cancelling their orders in the wake of the firm’s decision to supply the cars in left-hand drive only, albeit with three years’ free Supercharger use. 

Tesla’s announcement on 12 May that it would cease production of right-hand-drive versions due to mechanical and logistical complexities took customers by surprise and many rushed to express their shock on social media. 

Among them was Tesla owner Paul Jones: “I’m a 2018 Model S 100D owner since new and a Model S Plaid order holder since October 2021. I love the cars [but this decision] is a kick in the teeth. To be told repeatedly since 2021 my car is delayed but is coming and now this, without explanation, is very poor. 

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