Fisker CEO Defends $5000 Money Grab From Ocean Reservation Holders

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Fisker Automotive has started sending out emails to early investors and reservation holders that they are now able to put down $5,000 to confirm the order of their vehicle.

According to reporting done by Green Car Reports, this $5,000 payment not only locks in a model of the Fisker Ocean Launch Edition; it also serves as a down payment on the vehicle.

The article states that this information comes from a contact at Fisker Automotive, and the representative is quoted as saying “The $5,000, which is just a down payment, is for customers/fans that specifically want to lock down.” The starting price of the Fisker Ocean Launch Edition is $68,999, a price that will be locked in by placing the down payment. The company’s site claims the Ocean’s base model (not available for a down payment for now) will start at $37,499.

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