Will the listings on AutoJobsNow.com also be seen in Google Jobs?

Yes.  The structure of AutoJobsNow.com syncs perfectly with Google, and provided that your job listing meets all of the Google standards, it will appear in job searches on Google.

Why is my listing not showing on Google Searches?

Google determines whether each individual job listing meets its criteria for inclusion on its site.  The most common problem we’ve seen relates to the job location.  Google prefers a complete address, while many employers list only the city and state.  MOST of the time, Google will overlook that.  Other culprits include missing salary information and incomplete job descriptions.  Follow this link for more details on what Google considers inappropriate for publishing.

 I want to hire for a particular position.  How many people do you have in your database?  

Auto Jobs Now is not a job placement service.  We don’t have candidates in our “database.”  We host your job listing and provide a one-stop resource for job seekers.  If your position is compelling, candidates will apply.  To increase exposure to your listing, we do promote your job listing across all of our social media channels as well as constant paid advertising on other platforms.

Can I delete a job I posted and get it credited back to my account?

Yes. You have a 3-day grace period before the job you posted is reduced from your purchased package.

Can I post my job listing for free?

Yes.  Our Free Job Listing package gives you the ability to post one job for free.  Your job will be live for 30-days. 

You can upgrade your listing to increase visibility and extend the time your listing will be live.

Why should I post my resume rather than apply to each job?

Employers have free access to search our growing list of job-seekers like you.  Imagine a dealership or repair facility looking for that perfect candidate, but they don’t want to advertise the job opening.  Maybe you are that ideal person!  At Auto Jobs Now, the employer can browse resumes and initiate contact without you needing to apply to their job listing.

What is a featured Job?

Featured jobs are displayed on the homepage and at other prominent locations around the website.  Regular job listings will be displayed with other positions in search results. 

What is a featured resume?

A featured resume is displayed on the homepage and at other prominent locations around the website. Free resume listings will be displayed with others in search results.

Why doesn’t my job display the picture as others do?

There are two possible reasons that the featured image isn’t displayed.

You did not upgrade your job listing to be featured. When you first post your job listing, you can select to feature your listing or purchase the Enterprise package, which allows you to feature all of your job postings.
Uploading a featured image is optional, so if you did pay to upgrade, it’s possible that you overlooked the upload field of the submission form. Log into your dashboard, navigate to manage your jobs, and edit the job to upload the featured image.

Why do I not have permission to browse resumes?

If you are seeing the error message Sorry, you do not have permission to browse resumes when attempting to browse resumes; you are either not logged in or have established your account as something other than an employer. Only members with an Employer account have access to browse resumes.

If you have employer access, but cannot see any resumes, let us know.

What industries should post their job openings here?

Any business that sells or repairs vehicles is welcome to post their jobs here. Plus, there is a lot of crossover in our industry. An RV salesperson would fit in great at a car dealership. A diesel mechanic at a heavy equipment repair facility has highly valued skills in the auto industry and vice versa. That is to say, if you or your business work on things with wheels and engines, this is a great place for you to list your jobs.

Here are a few industries that we have found to be a great match:

  • New Vehicle Dealership
  • Used Vehicle Dealership
  • Automotive
  • Transmission Repair Shop
  • Auto Transmission Repair
  • Auto Body Repair & Painting
  • Transmissions-Automobile-Parts
  • Gear Box Mfrs & Repairs
  • Differential Repair
  • General Automotive Repair Shop
  • General Truck Repair Shop
  • Heavy Truck Repairing & Service
  • Heavy Equipment Sales
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • Engines Rebuilding & Repairing
  • Automotive Machine Shops
  • Four Wheel Drive-Repairing & Service
  • Truck Lubricating Service
  • Mobile Automobile Repairing & Service
  • Auto Warranty Repair Service Centers
  • Battery Recharging
  • Steering Systems
  • Trailers, Camping &
  • Travel Trailer Sales and Service
  • Battery & Ignition Services
  • Other Automotive
  • Mechanical & Electrical Repair
  • Brake Service
  • Buses Repairing & Service
  • Motor Homes Repairing & Service
  • Automobile Interior Repair
  • Brake Shoe Bonding & Exchanging
  • Automobile Computer Equipment & Repair
  • Air Bags Parts & Service
  • Automobile Frame Straightening
  • Wheel & Rim Repairing
  • Steering Systems & Equipment-Repairing
  • Gas Tanks Repair Center
  • Truck Air Conditioning Equipment and Repair
  • Automobile Lubrication Service
  • Quick Oil Change & Lubrication Shops
  • Towing Services
  • Window Tinting