German Police Pull Over Sleeping Tesla Driver On The Autobahn

With all cases involving drivers sleeping at the wheel of Tesla vehicles, the company decided to make it more difficult to trick Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. It would no longer be possible to place weights on the steering to pretend the driver is paying attention, and the inside camera would also monitor behavior. None of that worked on December 28 in Germany.

The Bavarian police reported it had to pull over an unspecified Tesla at around noon (local time). Police officers tried to perform a traffic check, but the driver did not follow the instructions they gave him: they honked and told him to stop. That would start a 15-minute chase at 110 kph (68.4 mph) in which the police noticed the Tesla kept a constant distance from the patrol car. That was the first sign the driver could have activated Navigate on Autopilot.

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