GMC Hummer EV’s taillights cost thousands to replace

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The GMC Hummer EV pickup hasn’t stopped raising eyebrows since GM pulled back the curtain on the behemoth in Spring 2021. It’s huge, not all that efficient, and unbelievably expensive, but now we’re learning how much replacement parts cost for the new EV.

The Drive dug up a post from the Hummer EV Facebook page that claimed a taillight replacement for the vehicle costs thousands to replace. General Motors confirmed pricing to the publication, quoting a one-side replacement cost of $3,045.48. That adds up to more than $6,000 to replace both, so we hope your insurance is solid if you own one.

Why would a taillight housing cost that much? Part of the cost comes from the fact that GM couldn’t parts-share its way through the design of a $100,000 flagship electric SUV, but most of the price comes from the complexity of the lights. The Hummer offers elaborate lighting sequences that require microchips and other components, all of which cost money. There’s also the fact that the Hummer EV is too new for General Motors to take advantage of its usual economies of scale in mass-produced vehicles.

General Motors recalled the Hummer EV earlier this year for issues with the taillights. Though the problem was software-related, GM had to replace the entire light units because the software controlling them was actually embedded in the lights. It’s true that there are very few vehicles that are tall and large enough to impact the Hummer’s taillights, but we hope the owners of those vehicles never have to file an insurance claim to replace one.

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