GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 teased before Oct. 20 debut

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GMC says its Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 battery-electric pickup is “Built to tower above everything you thought an electric truck could be. That’s why it’s the only EV that deserves the name Denali.” We will know what the marketing speak means tomorrow (Thursday), when GM’s third electric pickup in a year debuts at 5 p.m. Eastern. GMC teased the face of the Ultium-powered Sierra Denali nearly a year ago with an animated rendering. This second teaser on the eve of the debut gives us a better feel for what to expect. The front fascia advertises the product with illuminated GMC lettering at the center of a grille panel defined by an illuminated border. Upside down L-shaped LED lights frame three LED charging status bars. Below those at the bumper edges are what look like four fog lights, two round units above two squared oval units.

In back, a glimpse of taillight reminds one of the Hummer EV’s spendy rear lights, a Denali badge informing tailgaters what kind of truck they’re following. A panoramic glass panel takes up just about the entire roof, save for some sheetmetal at the back where the shark fin antenna rests. Under that roof, one of the seating options will be a ventilated, quilted fabric with “Denali” embroidered in the headrest. 

All the other intel must wait another 24 hours. This truck’s Chevrolet Silverado EV sibling has been pitched as pricing between $40,000 and $105,000. We’ve been told the Sierra EV will only come in Denali trim, so expect the feature set and pricing to align more with the Hummer EV, from close to $100,000 once all trims are rolled out to sums well over $100,000. The furnishings could set a new benchmark in glitz for GMC, brand VP Duncan Aldred saying, “We now have an opportunity to evolve Sierra’s capabilities and technologies, as afforded by transitioning to an all-electric propulsion while also elevating the luxurious design and comfort associated with Denali.”

The playbook established so far leads us to believe the Ultium platform will provide a 200-kWh battery and an estimated range of 400 miles, and an output of something like the 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque in the top Silverado EV trim. Or this limited Edition 1 trim could split the power gap between the Silverado EV and the 1,000-hp Hummer EV. 

Reservations open after the debut. The fine print in the video informs buyers that the rig won’t be available until early 2024, and buyers who want to get in on the series production Sierra EV Denali will wait until spring 2024.

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