Ground Breaking Mercedes CLS Bites The Dust In The New EV SUV World

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Introduced in 2004, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is credited with creating the niche “four-door coupe” segment that has since grown to accommodate rivals from Audi and BMW. However, Stuttgart is moving on, and the CLS will be discontinued in the coming months, reports Australia’s Drive.

The CLS will reportedly bow out in August. Mercedes will do so to increase production and meet demand for the new E-Class sedan, which debuted a few weeks ago. The CLS was a drastic departure for the traditional brand and wowed people with its avant-garde design and sleek profile. Rumor has it that the CLS was created by a designer who wanted to see what a Jaguar would look like if it were a Mercedes.

With pillarless windows, a four-seat interior layout (for the first generation, at least), and svelte styling, it became a unique choice for those who wanted a luxury sedan that challenged design norms.

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