Hardcore 2024 BMW M3 CS To Have 543HP And Start At Just Under $120,000

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As hinted by the recent leak that basically showed the new ‘Green Goblin’ running around a racing track and doing some feisty canyon carving in all its ‘Competition Sport’ glory, there is a new high-performance German sedan ready to drive you around town and stand out in any posh crowd. Thus, meet the 2024 BMW M3 CS.

The Bavarian automaker, being as German as it can be, has summed up the fresh introduction in just three decisive words: “lighter, stronger, faster.” As such, let us break down all of them a bit more at large, just to better grasp the concepts. First of all, the mainstay behind the new limited-edition of this high-performance sedan is that no one needs to worry about losing any of the functionality and everyday usability features usually found with the purchase of a regular BMW M3.

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