Highlights from the latest Daily Drive podcasts, Jan. 2-5

Here are highlights from the latest episodes of ‘Daily Drive’, Automotive News’ weekday podcast, Jan. 2-5, hosted by Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“There’s no question that — whether you love it or hate it — you have to be there. And I think it’s an important place where business takes place, fundraising occurs, all of the things that are central to making the mobility industry go right now.”–Pete Bigelow, director of the tech and innovation team at Automotive News, on CES in Las Vegas

“I think it’s going to be one of those things that people will just expect to have soon in their vehicles.”–Danny Shapiro, vice president of automotive at Nvidia, on the future of in-car gaming

“We’ve decided … that we will no more participate [in] the other automotive shows — Paris, Frankfurt, Detroit and so on. We are concentrated on CES.”Patrick Koller, CEO of supplier Forvia

“For all the companies that have been making all of these investments over these last several years in Michigan, not one of those companies or the companies who we’ve competed for business with have said that the unions were a deterrent. They’ve seen the quality of the Michigan work force as an opportunity for them to grow and grow their business.”Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II, on speculation that the state’s new Democratic legislative majority might repeal Michigan’s right-to-work law

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