Is Your Ford Lightning ALREADY OBSOLETE? Read This To Find Out The BIG Changes Coming!

The Ford F-150 Lightning though it’s only the first iteration of a model that’s guaranteed to undergo some heavy changes moving forward. For starters, the second-gen F-150 Lightning will ride on its own, dedicated platform, unlike the current model, which shares its platform and many other components with the ICE-powered Ford F-150. As Ford Authority reported back in July, the Lightning is also expected to switch from using a lithium-ion battery to a lithium-iron phosphate unit in the future, though it seems as if the EV pickup may be getting a different kind of battery upgrade soon, too.

Ford’s joint-venture partner has debuted an advanced version of that battery dubbed the NCM9+.
SK On hasn’t revealed too many details about its NCM9+ EV battery, but does say that it “surpasses the current top-notch NCM9 battery

As such, it stands to reason that this new battery could be utilized in the Ford F-150 Lightning in the very near future.

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