Lamborghini Tries To Be Hip In Huracan Sterrato Ad And Fails

Lamborghini does some weird stuff to promote its brand. We’ve seen it hawk fragrances, sell apartment buildings, and create Spotify playlists based on engine sounds. For the launch of the Huracan Sterrato, Lamborghini was far more reserved and simply released promo videos. And boy oh boy does the internet hate it with the fire of 1,000 Aventador SVJs.

We actually showed it to you yesterday and it seems as though nobody in the comments had any direct reaction to it. The rest of the web though, they weren’t nearly as kind. “I think they had a massive budget, spent it all on booze, then remembered they had to make something, so they took all the bottles and cans back and made their film with the money from the empties,” one comment said on Twitter.

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