Lincoln Tells Dealers They Need To Cough Up $900,000 To Support Upcoming EVs

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Lincoln says its U.S. dealerships will need to invest up to $900,000 each in order to sell the company’s planned electric vehicles.

In a plan announced by Ford chief executive Jim Farley in Las Vegas, the car manufacturer said that it will divide the Lincoln network of 650 stores into two camps depending on the size of their market. Those dealerships in the top 130 markets will need to spend approximately $900,000 to install two DC fast chargers and seven Level 2 chargers. There are approximately 252 stores in these markets.

Meanwhile, the remaining 400 stores in small markets must cough up $500,000 for one DC charger and four Level 2 chargers. Those dealerships that make all of the required investments will be allowed to sell an unlimited number of EVs, Auto News reports.

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