Manheim could offer a safe selling space

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I do not understand why Manheim does not open a website for owners wanting to list their vehicle for sale. It would be possible for Manheim to inspect the cars and rate the condition, either in person or with a roving inspector. I have a Buick Enclave listed on Autotrader, and I’ve had several dealers interested in purchasing it start out by asking me, “What’s your best price?” Never a very successful way to begin a purchase process.

This is a huge opportunity for dealers to create a safe and credible process for owners who want to sell their vehicle, assuring them a fair price and guaranteeing them the financial transaction is safe.

I am a 20-year retired Buick, Jaguar, Suzuki and Rolls-Royce dealer who specialized in used-car opportunities. I traveled the entire country buying vehicles. The Internet today makes my mouth water.

TOM PAYETTE, Louisville, Ky.