Maserati Aims To Take A Slice Of Lamborghini's Pie With MC20 Cielo

Sometimes, convertible versions of sports and supercars are unjustly dismissed by enthusiasts.

They’re often heavier and less structurally rigid. Those usually aren’t things you’d want in a purpose-built car meant to set impressive times at the local track day. Thankfully, technology has progressed to the point where those factors can often be mitigated, if not eliminated. More on that later.

So, with that in mind, meet the Maserati MC20 Cielo, the brand’s drop-top MC20. Let’s get the headline specs out of the way now: It’s powered by the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo Nettuno V6 as the coupe. While Maserati doesn’t quote power figures, we expect it will produce the same 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque as the coupe.

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