Musk Builds Liitgation Department To Defend Telsa From Relentless Attacks From The Left

It’s been a rough few weeks for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This time last month Tesla stock was nearing an all-time high and Musk was on the verge of buying Twitter. However, now the Twitter deal is stalling and Tesla stock has plummeted by over 30%. Meanwhile Musk is facing sexual misconduct allegations dating back to half a decade ago.

On Friday Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla was forming a “hardcore” litigation department that will report directly to him. Musk stated the department will “never seek victory in a just case against us” but equally it won’t ever surrender in the instance of an unjust case against Tesla. 

Musk encouraged applicants to email with 3-5 bullet points “describing evidence of exceptional ability”.

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