New Euro 7 Standards Will Lead To The End Of Small Cars In Europe

What are the Euro 7 regulations, and when will they be introduced? The European Commission explains that the new pollution standards considered the energy crisis and Europe’s galloping inflation. For these reasons, it did not set more stringent limits for the new pollution standards. They will enter into force on July 1, 2025, and will be valid until December 31, 2034. After that date, only full-electric cars will be allowed to be sold in Europe.

The European Commission estimates that the new Euro 7 standards will only lead to a modest increase in the price of a car between €90 and €150. Here’s why that cannot be true.

Under Euro 7, diesel NOx (nitrogen oxides) emission limits have been lowered from 80 to 60 mg/km. So, cars with diesel engines will need better catalytic systems. For example, larger diesel engines in the upper classes have AdBlue injection systems with two injectors, compared to one on smaller machines. The introduction of the new two-injector injection system developed by Continental will raise the price by at least €200-300.

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