New Zealand Official Angry That EV Rebates Are Benefiting The Rich

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Vehicles like the Teslas have become popular in New Zealand, with the Model Y becoming one of the country’s best-selling vehicles in August and September. And with more electric cars on the road, more EV owners have received rebates for their vehicle purchases. This appears to have annoyed some officials. 

As noted in local reports, the New Zealand government has paid out over NZD 30 million (over USD17 million) to Tesla owners. It’s not just Tesla owners either, as even buyers of more affordable EVs like the Nissan Leaf have also received substantial incentives. 

But while more Leaf drivers have received subsidies than Model 3 owners, Newshub NZ noted in a recent report that Tesla drivers received notably more rebates than their Nissan-driving counterparts. About NZD 16 million (USD9.1 million) has gone to Nissan Leaf owners, while NZD 33 million (USD18.7 million) has gone to Tesla drivers.

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