NHTSA Adds Two More Tesla Crashes To Autopilot Witch Hunt Investigation

This article was originally published https://www.autospies.com/news/NHTSA-Adds-Two-More-Tesla-Crashes-To-Autopilot-Witch-Hunt-Investigation-110411/.

On June 6, a 2015 Tesla Model S crashed against the back of a tractor-trailer in Gainsville, and two people died. When we reported it, we were not sure who was investigating the incident. Still, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was quick to say it already had this wreck under scrutiny. It is also investigating a pedestrian death caused by a Tesla. Unfortunately, another fatal crash involving a Tesla happened on June 7.

The incident that NHTSA is already investigating took place in Kearny Mesa, California. Frank Shoaf was driving his 2018 Tesla Model 3 westbound on Othello Avenue when he ran a red light at the intersection with Convoy Street. After hitting a dip, the car went airborne and hit a 40-year-old woman. The unidentified lady was taken to a hospital and died from the injuries there.

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