Nissan Gives Technical College A New Z And They Turn It Into The SUV That Should Have Been Built All Along

A Nissan Z SUV concept will be presented next month at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, but it wasn’t developed by Nissan. Instead, students at the Nissan Automobile Technical College in Japan created it.

The concept is called the Nissan Fairlady X, and was built by students learning how to repair crash damage and add modifications. Nissan’s technical college, which helps cultivate the next generation of automotive specialists, has five campuses, and the campuses in Aichi and Kyoto were involved in the Fairlady X project. The students also built a Serena minivan with styling borrowed from the Cedric sedan.

The Fairlady X concept is based on Nissan’s second-generation Murano crossover that debuted as a 2009 model, and integrates design elements borrowed from the latest 2023 Z sports car, known as the Fairlady in Japan.

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