REVIEW: IS The Lexus LC The LAST Great Naturally Aspirated GT Car?

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The key ingredients for a great GT are a car that can rapidly cover vast distances in comfort with room for two people and luggage. James Bond likes his martinis shaken but his drives stirring which is why he prefers an Aston Martin. Jaguar’s E-Type and XJ-S were Sir William Lyons’ ultimate expression of “grace, pace, and space” for the later part of the 20th Century. I’m admittedly biased towards Mercedes-Benz and anything with two doors and an AMG badge. But deep down in places I don’t talk about at parties, I’ve come to realize the Lexus LC is the best GT car you can buy today and one of the best of all time.

Not everybody loves the looks of the Lexus LC, but it’s distinctive. It’s far more cohesive than the Chris Bangle era BMW 6 Series which is starting to look good to me. The design is an extension of the LFA but updated. It’s a timeless design and even the spindle grille ties in so it’s not jarring or out of place.

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