REVIEW: Lamborghini Urus S First Impressions. Are You BULLISH On It?

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There is a delicious irony about our first drive in the Lamborghini Urus S happening in Qatar. In the wealthiest country per capita in the world, Qataris aren’t actually that interested in the S, the new ‘base’ version of the Lamborghini Urus. They’re all about the Urus Performante. Because if you’re going to buy a family car (and that’s what it is out here, even with the S’s £188,000 starting price), then you might as well get the top one.

Overall, Qataris have embraced the Urus with gusto, earning it a healthy market share. And offering a more powerful starting point into the Urus range will hardly hurt Lamborghini. What’s staggering isthat even these punchier versions don’t cannibalise sales off the Huracán and Aventador super-sports cars. The SUV is simply an additional purchase, such is the rarefied world of the Middle East.

There’s a retuned exhaust and some front and rear styling tweaks. The S also has a matt black stainless steel front skid plate, designed to match the grille, and a carbonfibre bonnet with optional body-coloured or carbon vent surrounds. (Plain black is standard.)

In the least surprising news of 2022, given the power upgrade, the Urus S is a mighty fast car, to the point where no 2.2-tonne machine really has any right to be. And yet the impressive thing is how benign it can feel. No Lamborghini is subtle but it’s not tricky to thread it gently through a city centre.

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