Shell Fleet Solutions – Sustainable Solutions for your Business

May 31, 2022
|09:00 PST |Duration: 1 Hr

Shell Fleet Solutions

The past few years have emphasized that fleet complexity is increasing. Fleet managers are dealing with rising costs, and are looking for ways to increase sustainability and improve safety while managing day-to-day tasks.

In fact, 40% of fleet managers spend most of their time carrying out administrative activities over more productive tasks.* Fleet managers need help, and over a third of them find external support and advice helpful, especially during the transition of technology and vehicles**.

Whether you manage vehicles for a small, medium, or large fleet, the right partner with the right tools can be a game-changer to drive efficiencies and cost savings!



Andrea Brecka

Vice President & General Manager Shell Fleet Solutions, Americas


Jim Perkins

Director of Shell Fleet Solutions, U.S.


Sasha Arasteh

E-Mobility & Services Manager Shell Fleet Solutions, Americas