So What Makes The Ford F-Series The Most Popular Trucks In The World?

Some remarkable news came out of Detroit, Michigan, just a couple of days ago that is worth talking about. Oddly enough, the news was news simply because it wasn’t new at all. In fact, it has been a reoccurring theme for over four decades.

The Ford Motor Company announced for the 46th consecutive year, its F-Series trucks were the best-selling trucks in America, amassing over 640,000 examples in 2022 alone. What’s more, F-Series trucks have been the best-selling vehicles, sedan, coupe, SUV, or otherwise, in all of America for the past 41 years.

To put 2022 sales into perspective, despite all of the commotion surrounding automotive manufacturing, inflation, and rising interest rates, as a result of the ‘you-know-what’, Ford managed to sell an F-Series vehicle every 49 seconds in 2022.

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