South Australia proposes special license requirement for high-powered cars

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Lawmakers in South Australia have big plans in store for owners of high-powered sports cars, but they likely won’t be received with open arms. The Premier wants to require drivers to complete additional training and will push for a ban on disabling safety tech like traction control.

The proposed shift in policy comes after a Lamborghini Huracán driver killed a teenager in 2019. The driver was acquitted of the pedestrian’s death but pled guilty to a lesser charge. Peter Malinauskas, the South Australian Premier, visited with the girl’s family after the crash and promised the state would take action.

The South Australian Premier’s proposal also aims to ban drivers responsible for a deadly crash from holding a license until their case has worked its way through the courts. Other reforms relate to the penalties and rules around deaths that occur from irresponsible driving. The government aims to have the issues before Parliament by the end of 2022.

While it’s easy to bemoan yet another restriction on car enthusiasts, this might be one area where more, rather than less, regulation is a good thing. Think about it: Most young drivers take their licensing test in a more modest sedan, SUV or minivan and have had no formal training on how to handle a car with several times the horsepower. Couple that with a healthy dose of attention-seeking behavior, and it’s easy to see how things can go sideways — literally.

The Premier is calling for a special licensing requirement, not for a ban on supercars. Sure, more laws feel bad to most people, but making sure that money isn’t the only thing required to drive a Lamborghini isn’t such an awful thing.

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