Stellantis Abandons American Cherokee Workers At Christmas Time – Sending Production To Mexico

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Following last week’s news that Stellantis is idling its Belvidere, Illinois plant in February, where the Jeep Cherokee is produced, it is now being reported that production of the next generation will move to the Toluca plant in Mexico. This facility will build gasoline, hybrid, and ICE versions of the Cherokee SUV.

While the plant’s idlingwas originally believed to be merely a sign of the times, with 1,350 salaried employers losing out, it appears that’s not entirely the case and that production will be moved. The American Prospect spoke with Shop Chairman for UAW Local 1268, Tim Ferguson, and was told that it’s an open secret the plant won’t just be idled but instead shuttered. This comes after no future models have been secured for the plant. When reached for comment by the Prospect, Stellantis declined to confirm the report.