Synthetic Vs Regular Gas Compared In The Real World

Could sustainable synthetic fuels be the green way to keep millions of ICE-powered vehicles on our roads? We run a back-to-back test between an advanced biofuel and regular unleaded and look at the science involved

‘It does not pay a prophet to be too specific.’ So said science fiction author L Sprague de Camp, and following his advice, I will give a loose prediction that the adoption of EVs will hit the buffers within the next couple of years and certainly before the end of the decade. 

The simple facts are these: EVs are getting more and more expensive, the public charging network is laughable and 40 per cent of UK households do not have off-street parking (the author included). What all this means is that there is certain to be a huge number of ICE cars around for decades to come. Indeed, the average age of vehicles in the UK car park is already increasing.

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