Tesla Model Y Becomes The Best Selling Vehicle EVER…In Norway

Tesla Model Y is officially the best-selling vehicle of all time in a single year in Norway, with 17,701 units sold in 2022. The previous record was held by Volkswagen Beetle, which sold 16,699 vehicles in 1969. Tesla Model Y had impressive end-of-year sales in Norway, with more than 3,700 units sold in December alone.

Tesla has announced an important milestone in Norway, which happens to be the largest EV market in Europe. The Tesla Model Y has become the best-selling vehicle in history when counting yearly sales. The performance was helped by a historical performance in December when Tesla recorded 3,738 Model Ys sold in the European country. The year is not over yet, but Tesla has already sold enough Model Y cars to surpass the previous yearly-sale record held by Volkswagen Beetle since 1969.

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