Toyota Designers Wear Fake Nails When Working

To deliver a positive in-car experience, Toyota’s interior designers go the extra mile – even if that means wearing fake nails. Hiromi Yagi, Assistant Manager for Lexus Design Division, told Toyota Times that his team uses fake nails to ensure individuals don’t scuff their perfect manicures when operating the controls.

Car design is a complex process, but developing a harmonious and user-friendly interior is just as daunting – if not tougher. We spend most of our time inside a vehicle, and while exterior style is important, it’s pointless without a well-sorted cabin.

“We put ourselves in the shoes of the woman who cares about her nails,” said the design manager. “When you look at it from the perspective of not wanting to damage those nice nails, you understand what angle a dial needs to be, which doesn’t come across in size simulations alone.”

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