Toyota Forced To Stop Land Cruiser And Lexus LX Orders In Japan

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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a smash hit around the world and that’s just one reason that we’re disappointed in its absence from the US market. Of course, the Lexus LX is for most purposes just a posher version of the big and tough Toyota SUV but orders were suspended in Japan putting us on alert that the US could be next. Now we can confirm that for now, orders are still being accepted here in the States.

Bboth Toyota and Lexus had statements on their respective Japanese websites informing customers know that demand had vastly outgrown supply and that orders were no longer being accepted. The actual Lexus text, when translated online says “LX has been very well received not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world, and we are currently suspending orders because we have received orders that greatly exceed our production capacity.”

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