Twitter Employees Think Demands Will Convince Elon Musk To Keep Their Jobs

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Employees at Twitter have drafted an open letter with their demands for Elon Musk, who is buying the social media platform on Friday. In the drafted letter reviewed by Time Magazine, employees have a list of demands for the Tesla and SpaceX CEO.

Along with the demands, the employees wanted to express their thoughts about the plans to let go of 75% of the staff. The letter called these plans “reckless” and said that it’s “a transparent act of worker intimidation.”

According to the open letter, the employees who signed it told Elon Musk that they would not be intimidated and that both Twitter and Elon Musk needs to “cease these negligent layoff threats.”

In the open letter, the employees list what they “demand of the current and future leadership.” Twitter employees listed the four demands and what the demands mean to them.

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