Volvo EX90 EV is heavy on sustainability with new Nordico cabin material

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After hints from former Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelson and a trademark application for the term “Embla,” we’d suspected the electric successor to the XC90 would be called the Embla. New Volvo CEO Jim Rowan explained that after taking brand familiarity into account, the people who decide the names of things decided “EX90 marks a new iteration on our current nomenclature and is reflective of our transition toward a full-electric lineup by 2030.” Another symbol of the transition to all EV all the time is Volvo interior designers believing they have created “one of the most pleasant and elegant car interiors on the market” by “reinterpreting luxury and well-being [through the] essential qualities of Scandinavian design: simplicity, well-being and natural sources.”

Senior Design Manager Cecilia Stark tells us the nut and bolt of this is Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, and wool shorn off sustainably raised sheep. Backlit wood trim lines the EX90’s cabin, reminiscent of a Scandinavian living room. The wool is a secondary fabric option, buyers first invited to enjoy Volvo’s new Nordico synthetic fabric made from ingredients like recycled PET bottles and responsibly sourced pine resin from managed forests in Sweden and Finland. Counting Nordico and other synthetic textiles in places like the carpeting, Volvo says there are “almost 50 kilograms of recycled plastics and bio-based materials” in an EX90 cabin, surpassing the amount for every other vehicle in the automaker’s range. 

There will be a standard luxury aspect to configuring the flagship crossover, though. Mostly discussed as a feature among super luxury makers who offer so many options that buyers can be overwhelmed into analysis paralysis, Volvo designers have created themed “rooms” encompassing EX90 exterior colors, upholstery, and decor. We don’t know how many rooms will be offered, and we’re not used to seeing exterior hues included in themed packages, so this should be interesting.    

Volvo will show the EX90 on November 9. The crossover is slated to go into production at the automaker’s South Carolina plant before the year is out.

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