Volvo recalls small batch of cars — 74, exactly — for potentially serious steering issue


Volvo announced earlier in January that it is recalling a small number of cars (just 74) to address a potentially serious issue with their steering boxes. An extra screw unintentionally inserted during assembly can work its way into the steering gear, potentially locking it up and causing a loss of steering control. The issue is present only on a small number of 2019-2022 Volvo V60CCs, XC60s
and XC90s

Per Volvo, the issue can be traced back to a single assembly line station that erroneously double-fed screws into the affected units, allowing the loose hardware to remain behind, where it can foul the gear. Volvo says it knows which steering boxes were assembled this way, allowing them to recall only the units in question. Customers whose cars exhibit the defect will not show any outward symptoms until the screw begins to interfere with steering box operation, which could be indicated by a grinding noise when turning the wheel. 

Volvo has already notified dealers of the issue and will send notices to the 74 owners in March. 

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