VW announces it will reveal a new EV at CES 2023


Volkswagen just announced that it’s going to reveal a new electric car at CES 2023. The new EV is currently scheduled to be revealed on January 3, which is exactly one week from today.

Unfortunately, VW is staying mum on further details about the reveal, and there isn’t even a teaser image (above photo is from the ID.Aero) as a hint either. So, what could it be? VW has so far declared that it’s going to build both an ID.Aero and ID.8, with the Aero being a sedan and the 8 being a large SUV. Between these two, the Aero seems further along. VW released images of the ID.Aero Concept in June this year. Plus, VW declared that a production version of the Aero would be out in China, Europe and the U.S. in 2023.

As for the ID.8, VW has been quiet about this model for quite some time after talking about its existence back in 2021.

What we’ll see in Las Vegas, according to Volkswagen, is a camouflaged version of the EV it’s revealing. Plus, Volkswagen says it will announce the official name of the vehicle. The last clue there points to it being the ID.Aero again. If VW is to stay consistent with its ID naming scheme, then it’ll need to apply a number to the electric sedan concept. Rumors thus far point to VW choosing “7” as the number to accompany this model, so it may just be the ID.7 that makes its grand debut at CES 2023. Tune back in on January 3 to see what VW has in store for us.

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