Washington Toyota Dealers Demand Porsche Money For The Entry Level Toyota bZ4X

Objectively, the Toyota bZ4X is a fine car. It’s Toyota’s first real EV effort, so we’ve got to give the brand some slack there. It does have some charging issues, in addition to a somewhat disappointing range (252 miles isn’t much compared to the Mach E). But, it’s supposed to be a competitively-priced entry to EV ownership for those familiar with the Toyota brand.

Toyota of Portland and Koons Toyota don’t see it that way. Both dealers want used Porsche money for a mid-level electric crossover. Koons is by far the worst of the two and is selling a bZ4X at an eye-watering $77,278. We understand a small markup. A quick search reveals these models are still trickling out of the factory, with few available right now. But these markups are downright ridiculous.

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