WATCH: BMW M240i Coupe Gets Driven Like A Mustang And Crashes Like One Too

As long as it’s not an ‘X’ series model, rear-wheel or rear-biased all-wheel drive BMWs are nimble, regardless of the firepower. The previous generation M240i Coupe falls in this category too, as it is the next best thing to a full-blown M2.

In order to make the best of it, though, a skilled driver is required, and the person holding the wheel of this example definitely needs to work on their power-sliding much more, as the car was filmed crashing in the cheers of the crowd.

The accident reportedly happened somewhere in Colombia, according to supercar.fails on Instagram, at an undisclosed date. By the looks of it, the M240i Coupe in question was just leaving a car gathering, when all of a sudden, its driver felt the need to show off, likely for the lady riding shotgun. As a result, they floored the gas, and the back end came out, only it wasn’t a controlled drift. Not by far, because what happened next is truly laughable.

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