WATCH! Is It REALLY This Hard To Break The Windows On A Pickup Truck? It Should Be A TV Ad If You Ask Us?

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Ok, before you flip out that the guy in the video is unconscious and they’re trying to help him we get it.

And in now way are we making fun of the situation or the people doign their best to help the man.

But we can’t help wondering if breaking the window on a car or truck these days is this hard?

Granted, we haven’t had to break the window on a vehicle ever and hope we never have to. But after seeign the Cybertruck window shatter at the launch we were surprised to see this. Seems pretty incredible to us. You would think they would want to show this to show how tough and well made the products are?

Discuss…and we HOPE the man had a positive outcome and is ok. And thank you to all those people trying to help.