WATCH: Traffic Cam Footage Catches Tesla Using FSD Creating A Multi-Car Pile Up

Whenever we tell a story, no words will be more emblematic than the images of what happened. You can see that pretty clearly with our story about a pileup in San Francisco, more precisely on Interstate 80 east of the Bay Bridge. A Tesla Model S suddenly braked in the left lane, and its driver accused Full Self-Driving of that mess. The Intercept managed to obtain surveillance videos of the situation, and they are impressive.

The footage shows how dangerous phantom braking is. We have also written several texts about the problem, including one in which Steve Wozniak complained about that. Tesla is yet to fix the problem. Adopting Tesla Vision and ditching sensors and radars – a move that the EV maker is already backtracking – may have made it even worse. Above all, the videos make it evident how stupid and avoidable the pileup was.

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