What Kind Of Vehicle Does MALIA OBAMA Drive On A Trip To DARE WE SAY IT, CHIK-FIL-A? Get Ready For The WOKE Mob!

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Malia Obama was spotted enjoying a meal at Chick-fil-A on Thursday, despite the fast food chain – which is run by a conservative and devout Christian who has publicly bashed same sex marriage – donating millions of dollars to anti-gay groups in the past.

The eldest daughter of Former President Barack Obama, 24, hit up one of the chicken restaurant’s drive-throughs in Los Angeles, California, before dropping off her younger sister, Sasha’s boyfriend, Clifton Powell Jr., at the airport.

And while her father has helped bring LGTBQ+ rights to the forefront, Malia didn’t seem to mind that Chick-fil-A’s right-wing owner has spoken out against the community numerous times in the past.

We’re also kind of surprised she’s not driving a Tesla….Didn’t see her as a VW girl.

Also, cool she does what she wants and isn’t worried about the repercussions from the Woke mob. But we’re sure she’ll take heat for this visit. Get the popcorn…

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